For Beer Bloggers- Social Media in Promoting a Brand and Trends in the F&B Business

The alcohol business has been ballooning from quite sometime. A chilled beer beverage is always a preference!

Beer is such, which associates with a lifestyle. It’s in and around. So when it comes to blogging for beer, social media strongly boosts the beer brands. It’s a platform which showcases variety, techniques, blends and targets just the right audience.

Bold and fresh content depicting the youth culture attracts and counts! It’s vital to know your audience and keep them engaged through brand imaging. For a beer blogger, it’s more of a boon to present not one, but quite of the many available brands to people. At times, by keeping it raw and experimenting in the rest. So, your blog won’t ever be monotonous!

The F&B industry has evolved and keeps trending. Because of increasing number of restaurants, there are different themes and options for people. With the growing demand for healthy food, vegan alternatives, quick services and unique tastes, this industry always has something contemporary and invigorating to offer. Food festivals are celebrated as festivals, so exhilarating; with more gusto and zest.

Beverages also have transformed and who doesn’t like surprises! Predominantly, people go for new instead of older preferences. Frizzy and sparkling drinks, stunning mocktail glasses and intrepid mixtures are eye candies and jaw dropping! Simultaneously, some technological restaurant-trends automated marketing, and social media reach keep the crowd much absorbed.

Now that’s how I’d roll and like my beer brewed!


Benefits of buying a Home in Wife’s name! (Company Content)

Apart from all the happiness you would bring to your wife, and all good food you will get to eat, there are marked benefits attached to buying a home in your wife’s name. This can be your contribution to spurring women empowerment by sustaining a sense of stability with such a token of your affection. Home is where family is and Prestige Jindal City brings you an experience so congenial and hospitable.
Either as a sole owner or as a joint owner, buying a home in wife’s name is always a welfare. Several numerical profits can be gained from the banks and the government. Moreover there is Prestige Jindal City Price which will always be attractive.
For the aspiring home buyers, just so you know that you can reap tax benefits, discount on home loan interest rates, discount on stamp duty charges and the magic of your lady luck.
o Tax Benefits
Depending upon the ownership, there are obvious tax benefits waiting to be availed. In case of the house in the name of your wife, self-occupied; one can save up to Rs.1.5 lakh every financial year.
In case of joint-ownership, the duo can both individually claim deductions in tax if the wife has a separate source of income. The tax benefit will be depending upon the ownership share of each co-owner.
o Discount on Home Loan Interest Rates
Many banks like SBI and others have so much to offer to working women where the house is in her name. Banks offer cheaper home loans to women borrowers. It is to be noted, that loan might also be refused to a person without a source of income of her own; as in the case of housewives.
The prevailing interest rates to women borrowers are comparatively lower. Many banks like the SBI, HDFC and the ICICI Bank offer discounted rates on home loans for women.
o Discount on Stamp Duty Charges
You can save up to 1%-2% on stamp duty, if the property is in a lady’s name; either as a sole or a joint owner. Stamp duty rate is 6% for men and 4% for women in Delhi where property rates are relatively higher. A certain dispensation on stamp duty is now being offered by several State Governments in Northern India.
Also, in case of unpaid debts and their repayment there upon, the property held under your wife’s name does not come under the cover for your loss, Prestige Jindal City reminds.

The idea behind providing all such benefits and discounts, is to empower women with more assets in her name. It all improves the economic status of women in India making them less vulnerable to exploitation.
Not forgetting the monetary benefits to be reaped. And with Prestige Jindal City Amenities and Prestige Jindal City Price buying a house will be a wholesome and warm experience, as ensured!

Complete Customer Satisfaction and Improved Sales With Cloud Telephony, Yakovoice ( work blog )

Yakovoice is a Cloud Telephony Provider. With the passing time, Cloud Telephony Services are a fantastic result of enhanced technology that moves your business phone system to the cloud. Cloud Telephony means the messaging service by a voice which replaces the requirement of the conventional business telephonic system, say EPBAX, PBX, etc.
Yakovoice is the number 1 Cloud Telephony Service Provider. It manages inbound and outbound hosted IVR, online. Cloud Telephony Solution empowers your business in a phenomenal way. Digital marketing is all around in the buzz. It’s so rapidly gaining popularity among small scale and big scale businesses. It’s the technology we talk of, the modernization we belong to and an amazing experience which is so worth it! All smart organizations today, reserve a major share for digital marketing of their promoting budget whereas some of the world-class organizations are solely dependent on it. It is certainly the need of the hour!
What is Cloud Telephony?
Such a rage, these Cloud Telephone systems! The data gets stored in a secured place as the cloud phone system is hosted in the cloud. The data can be reached and utilised over the internet. Such a technological advancement this is. The old-school, wired landline systems are very easily to be replaced by a Cloud Phone System which is usually hosted by a third-party provider. It is just like the Grasshopper.
Telephonic calls in today’s smart-ass world, raise high doubts. Though, being the easiest way of association and connection with a product provider or any existing service yet so troublesome by being so opaque. Quite easily it makes room for distrust raising the possibility of affecting your business, if not transparent. In the competitive world of digital marketing, following the traditional modus operandi might not serve well for your business.
Telephonic conversations are basically the not-to-let-go data for companies. It is vital to observe who is calling and the purpose of the same. This provides a new intuition and a fresh motive to the business. With this eventually, the campaign performance is uniquely optimized. And by primarily focussing on customer satisfaction, sales are evidently enhanced to a whole new level.
How does Cloud Telephony work?
A phone service delivered through the internet is what a Cloud based phone system is. It is also famously known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and Internet based Phone System. The Cloud Telephony System is successful if it also routes inbound calls to the correct workers inside of a company. Fulfilling the complete aim of internet calls and the whole purpose of digital marketing because if not then the campaign performance of the business can be seriously affected. Obviously not a good sign for the venture.
There are strong reasons to enhance your E-commerce with Cloud Telephony Technology. More than the above mentioned!
1. Easy to Install and Configure
Easy monthly payment, and user friendly functioning is all about the virtual telephony system. The most amazing facet about this worthy system, is that it is just a game of few clicks. Only by creating an account, you can start functioning like a call-centre as you have already commenced with the same. Even with one agent, handle your call centre like a boss!
2. Click to Call Button
As it is all about customer satisfaction, this feature enables your customer to start live-calling with a single click. And imagine, with a single click you would be telling the ‘know-how’s’ about your product or services. With such a transparent approach, Yakovoice Cloud Telephony System helps you build your network and clientele. Let your buyers call you for free from all over the world and see the magic of networking and hospitable business ethics.
3. Virtual Phone Numbers
For online stores and delivery services, you can now have a business phone number in the cities and countries of action. A local phone number ensures the customers from all over the world a sense of security and belongingness. This builds up the trust factor and you surprisingly welcome enhanced sales!
4. Distributed Sales and Support Teams
Cloud Telephony allows you to receive calls on your computer, landlines or smartphones, by enhancing collaboration. It also unifies teams in different parts of the world as a single call centre for your store. E-commerce smoothly operates regardless of the city or country.
5. A Growing Call Centre
You always begin with a scratch. And so, regardless of beginning with one agent at the time of commencement, you can always add more as you rapidly grow. It’s just a span of time to know your target consumers and work for them. Growth is always perpetual.
6. CRM Integrations
For excellent services it is necessary to serve your customers well and warm, keep their information organized and act as and when required. Yakovoice Cloud Telephony can be easily integrated with your CRM and automatically registers the data of calls made and received and along with the voice mails your customers leave you with. It is such an organized fool proof system.
7. Low Cost International Calling
To enhance your business, not just the domestic market must be targeted but also the foreign markets. You can now call your customers oversees by incurring very low costs. Outbound calls are important to stay in contact with the customers and also this leaves a good impression of the business. This way by seeing your follow-up skills and the customers you build are long term relations worth maintaining.
Cloud Telephony India is a fresh start up and has a potential future. Beginning from Cloud Telephony Bangalore, with start-ups and a business hub, Cloud Telephony has its long reaped benefits. The sooner understood, the better it be! Let’s not keep running at the back. Now is the world of competitiveness and new ideas. By its incorporation only would one sustain its position in the big world of business. The majority is whose, the bait belongs to! Virtual Calling is the successful future.


So you again gathered on streets? In large numbers and leagues!

What are you planning to do today? Break- through shops or slay?

Where will I be burnt this time?

And all the commotion – when it stops, how will you convince me that this was the last time?

How do I believe that I won’t again be denounced, that I won’t be alleged to serve a religion?


I often meet thousands of those who died in riots; you created. They don’t sleep in their graves because of immense sorrow of their untimely and unjustified deaths.

Their families’ eyes are still wet.

How do you justify your acts? How do you justify ‘your’ existence?

When thousands die because of your resistance!


Open your eyes and judge my worth-

How my value deteriorated since my birth!

No, nothing has changed in me-

I am still the tri-color you see!

I was believed to unite, I denote essence of what and why-is the way I am.

The true spirit has long gone, and the essence extremely fallaciously interpreted.

You learn untrue and you preach dishonorable

You mould a system which is completely disabled.


Construing my shades as per your conveniences?

Go back in time and you will know, I was made with pride and not bad influences.

The world is dismayed

With your image you display!


Seems like you still didn’t recognize me!

Happens. People usually forget the dead.

But don’t forget me so easily,

I am the glory of martyrs, who fearlessly leave us.

I am thankful to be alive in many hearts yet I burn every day in the flames of your hatred.

Yes, I delineate valour, peace and freedom through my colors.

You hoist me, yet you hate me.


I am naked before you, silent and still high.

Yes, recognize me!

And if you still don’t discern? Sigh!











Edited: With Every Lifting of her Veil



With the lifting of her veil, I jaunt over my rolling thoughts and some strong realizations

She was companionless and I felt like being one.

She was close; close to heart!

Because, her silence, tolerance – killed me from within;

Dreaded my hopes and suffocated my thoughts, as all I had think of was her.

But she took it all away with tranquillity on her face-

Her pretentious curve on face always made me melancholic as I knew she’s not how she manifests to be!


Every time I looked at her, she seemed so wretched and triumphed over–

Such impotence made me weak,

My ability to ponder over solutions to her ailment – went numb.

I used to find her alone usually, watching out endlessly, without a hurry

As if there was no other task to do.

Her buoyant gaze at the cool dawns which she welcomed with grace,

Seemed to revive her heart and added life to her seemingly lifeless body.

The morning breeze seemed to heal all her bruises, internal as well as external. Mental.

I knew she felt better then.

I so wanted to assure her that her pain was transient,

I wanted her to move on and smile.


Watching the sun, eventually struggling out of the clouds, ultimately shining and spreading life, hope, strength, joy and warmth-

She observed things in mornings,

Heard the little birds chirp, saw men going at work.

Absorbed as much warmth as she could, which somewhat caressed her soul.

It made her feel beautiful and free and gave birth to new hopes in her.


The couch near the window, was her amigo as she never wanted to get off it!

She ended her day while accepting rough dusks with equal grace and also fear-

Fear of ugliness and dependence.

Watching birds flying back to their nests- she too went back to her old world of tears, pain, struggle, fights and commotion.

Darkness just like itself; contaminated her feelings.

She flew to a place where her mind lacked rest and her soul lacked peace.

I remember, she truly disliked her reality.


But now when I see her, I see a changed woman.

As if a miracle happened, as if she has now gotten up from sleep.

I love her voice, I am smitten by her beauty,

It’s all visible because she makes it.

She’s independent now and doesn’t cry because maybe she’s dried her tears and is tired of them.

She smiles.


And I’m sure, that the present curve on her beautiful face is a no-more pretence.

I can now sight her strengths, see her in power, in confidence.

Happiness for me is;

That now with every lifting of her veil-

I jaunt from doom to eternity

And I am relieved.


Edited: From the Eyes of the Coach




I see sparkle in her eyes, when I talk of the shield

The will to do, the power to achieve;

She’s a tough girl, I certainly believe.

I’m her coach, the shield is my dream!


The moment I saw, her resolution in the first match,

Since then I knew she was undeniably a proficient catch.

She heeded with precision to what I taught,

An achiever to my dream I had got!

Her urge to learn, her thirst to prove-

I see a winner, in her every move.

I’m her Coach, and I believe she’d prove!
She would shriek when she lost and shed tears when she won

Yes, my quest has ended as I’ve found the one.
She is the man to my team, the glory to my pride.

I know she’ll do it, with me besides.

As I’m her coach, guiding her through the thick and thin.

She has to fight the battle to ultimately win.

She is an angry little girl and will unleash in the race.

With her distinctive ways, through the struggling long days!
With every drop of sweat she shreds,

Loads of power she gets!

To fight, to survive, to shine,

So proudly I say, that champion is mine!

As I’m her coach and I’m so proud of her! 
She is a focussed fighter and an obeying pupil.
She uplifts her gender

By being both solid and tender.

I’m her Coach and I see me in her. 
I often get aggressive, I often feel weak;

She cheers me up, with her ambition on fleek.

Although I’m her Coach yet I learn from her. 
And she? She is a complete package!

She awes you in a spur!

She is my pupil, I’m her Coach. I’m happily short of words. 
The final match is close and I want to show the world

There must be other girls, determined like her,

All they need is the opportunity and the right guidance to learn.
Now, as the crucial is near and I can somewhat sight her fear

Her fear to prove, her fear to accomplish!

The victory is hers I truly believe and wish.

I’m her Coach, her well-wisher. I’ve been with her for long-

Trained her, built her

I reckon she would do no wrong!


I’ve faith in you and then in my lessons.

Let us now stay silent and talk in expressions!

My girl, the time has come

And now it is your turn!

There is no looking back- just stay stern.

Don’t forget your lessons. Don’t forget your pain.

Keep moving as learned and you will heftily gain!
These words of mine aren’t ordinary;

They are your blessings and booster-

More power to you

There you go girl!

I’m your privileged Coach! I’m certain that I’ve built a winner!


I was scared of Public Speaking. But did it, Nevertheless.

As the title speaks for itself, it also speaks for me. It’s all in the past! It has been such a journey.
The stage lights, curious audiences, my preparations got filled with doubts. The glaring eyes of many, hyped anxiety within. I get anxiety attacks, complete numbness, running breaths and utmost self-involvement. I always need something to fidget with. Something to crush, something to break, something under-control. These attacks greet me backstage when I’m next to go.
Public speakers have always inspired me. Speaking to people, or performing before many eyes with utmost confidence in your art, in yourself. I wasn’t a good speaker, but I didn’t even set for cameo appearances. I was scared throughout, but something kept me going. The way people, even colleagues used to speak, the appreciation they got always made me put in effort.
I never took part in any of the Inter-School Competitions because of fear of public speaking, because of fear of failure.
I remember, once in 11th standard I was a participant in Hindi Recitation Competition (Intra School); irrespective of the fact that I always struggled with Hindi. I prepared a two page long poem. Backstage I was damn confident about my piece, until I heard my name being announced. Shivering, I went on stage, somehow faced the audience. I so wanted it to be great! I took a deep breath and begun reciting. Now that time my confidence was more shaken; as a friend before me, who was prepared so well – fumbled badly on stage, didn’t complete the poem, stood quietly and left. I had such great performance pressure.
I had begun on a good soft note. While I reached till the half of my poem, I forgot. I forgot the next lines. I waited, I saw people staring. I got more attention than when I was decently reciting my poem. I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself, I took out the paper, apologised and read out the poetry aloud. I finished, came back shattered and went to class. I was so embarrassed. Then the most unexpected thing happened. My teacher walks in, before praising the winner, she began by saying, “So, today we all learnt something. There was one child who stood mum and left the stage and there is Riya, who forgot but stood there, fought and completed the poem. Proud of you!”. She was proud of me.
Those words gave me hope, gave me new confidence and I never looked back. I for the first time took part in the Inter School Debate competition and was the winner!
I have been actively participating since then! I am in college now, and guess what, the Head of Moot Court Society because of my National Competition positions. My college tells me, I have made them proud. My parents tell me, I have made them proud. Above all, I have made myself proud.
Now, going on stage to speak, enthrals me. I find it too exciting. Well, anxiety attacks meet me before results. I have learnt a lot from public speaking. I have gained confidence, I can talk to any person. Now I want people to know me. When I speak, I speak to people. I talk to them, looking into their eyes, grabbing attention.
The course I am enrolled in, is Law. It requires me to speak. I go to village visits, talk to people and provide them with legal aid. I have learnt, that no matter who stands before you, if you have power in your voice, confidence in your words and wisdom in yourself; the person would love to listen.
One little tip for all those who struggle in public speaking. I would say, participate in all the competitions, gain experience. And when you speak, don’t fear judgements. Just remember, you don’t know anybody, nobody knows you. So, with this thought, the performance always shines.

Indeed, I was scared of public speaking but I did it, nevertheless!